Principal Surveys 2010 (Quantitative Results)

The following questions were put to the principals of first year teachers from NNU as a point of reflection on their professional preparation. Answers are based on the scale below.

1=very ineffective; 2=somewhat ineffective; 3=somewhat effective; 4=very effective; NA=nothing to base judgement on

1. This teacher has a thorough understanding of the subject matter he/she is certified/endorsed to teach. 3.61
2. This teacher creates learning experiences that make subject matter meaningful for students. 3.61
3. This teacher's instruction has a positive impact on student learning. 3.63
4. This teacher understands how students learn and develop and provides opportunities that support their intellectual, social, and personal development. 3.41
5. This teacher makes adaptations to lessons for individual students who have particular learning needs. 3.26
6. This teacher is responsive and persistent in trying to meet the needs of all learners. 3.58
7. This teacher works effectively with people from ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds different from his/her own. 3.64
8. This teacher understands and uses multiple teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning. 3.59
9. This teacher makes appropriate use of technology to enhance learning. 3.59
10. This teacher understands factors that impact student behavior and effectively manages and motivates students. 3.34
11. This teacher's oral communication abilities are clear and effective. 3.50
12. This teacher communicates clearly and accurately in writing. 3.43
13. This teacher plans and prepares effective lessons based on knowledge of subject matter and curriculum goals 3.69
14. This teacher uses his/her awareness of students and the communities/cultures from which they come in his/her teaching 3.46
15. This teacher understands, uses, and interprets formal and informal assessments to evaluate student learning. 3.36
16. This teacher uses assessments to judge the effectiveness of his/her teaching. 3.21
17. This teacher uses an effective system for keeping track of student progress. 3.37
18. This teacher uses self-reflection as a means of improving his/her instruction 3.67
19. This teacher stays abreast of professional literature, consults with colleagues, and seeks other resources to support his/her development as a teacher. 3.40
20. This teacher establishes and maintains positive working relationships with parents, which includes reporting student progress. 3.44
21. This teacher establishes and maintains positive working relationships with colleagues. 3.51
22. This teacher promotes democratic values of fairness, justice, participation and equal access. 3.51
23. This teacher's professionalism is evidenced by dependability, punctuality, and ethical behavior. 3.69
24. This teacher uses good judgment and common sense in his/her role as teacher. 3.56
25. This teacher demonstrates a commitment to positively impacting education beyond the classroom. 3.64