First Year Graduate Surveys (Quantitative Results)

All first year teachers in the state of Idaho were asked in a state-wide survey, "As a result of my professional preparation, I feel prepared to do the following activities according to the scale below". Results from NNU graduates are listed below.

1=Unsatisfactory; 2=Basic; 3=Proficient; 4=Distinguished                                                             Mean

Teach the concepts, knowledge, and skills of my discipline(s) in ways that enable students to learn 3.30
Use instructional strategies that promote active student learning 3.30
Use knowledge of learning, subject matter, curriculum, and student development to plan instruction 3.40
Use a variety of assessments (e.g. observation, portfolios, tests, performance tasks, anecdotal records) to determine student strengths, needs and programs 3.40
Choose teaching strategies for different instructional purposes and to meet different student needs 3.30
Evaluate the effects of my actions and modify plans accordingly 3.30
Encourage students to see, question, and interpret ideas from diverse perspectives 3.30
Teach in ways that support new English language learners 3.10
Help students learn how to assess their own learning 2.90
Teach students with a wide variety of exceptional needs 3.10
Honor diverse cultures and incorporate culturally responsive curriculum 3.10
Have a positive effect on student achievement according to state assessments 3.0
Use technology to enhance learning and learning environments 3.20
Understand value of working with colleagues, families, and community agencies in meeting student needs 3.50
Use self-reflection as a means of improving instruction 3.30
Maintain accurate records 3.40