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From Our Students

The following responses were collected as part of an exit survey conducted by the Department of Education with traditional and non-traditional elementary and secondary students. See the alumni quantitative survey results.

"I am confident in planning, prep, and delivery of material and I can discuss frameworks now with a foundation of understanding in place. Very prepared."

"NNU's Program provided me with the opportunities to practice writing units which helped me develop organized curriculum with formative and summative assessments. I also continue to use my weekly and long term teaching schedules to plan and prepare my units."

"The program included a good variety of coursework and we learned through experience. I think the best thing NNU did was pair me with an excellent mentor teacher for student teaching. She continued to support me even after I graduated and really made me a good teacher. I also felt that NNU did us a service by providing numerous classroom experiences for all four years."

Educator Preparation Program Completers

NNU's education program goes above and beyond to help students succeed. Take a look at these measures to see how our 2017-2018 graduates performed.



Average Graduate GPA


Praxis II Exam Pass Rate


Program Completion Rate

Educator Placement Rate 100%
NNU Loan Default Rate* 3.2%
NNU 6-Year Graduation Rate* 56%

From Principals

The following responses were collected as part of an exit survey conducted by the Department of Education with the principals of traditional and non-traditional teachers one year after the date of their hire. See the quantitative survey results.

"He is a positive teacher who builds great relationships. He is a very hard worker! Excellent hire!"

"She's a keeper! Awesome!"

"We love him! He is a great fit for [our school]!"

"She has been a positive addition to [our school] this year. She is very well prepared and is a professional with her work ethic and teaching."

*2018 IPEDS Report.

2019 Title II Report. 100% Praxis pass rate applies to all candidates prior to entering Internship or Student Teaching,
in addition to all program completers. 

National Rankings and Accolades

Teacher preparation programs at NNU have consistently been rated as top-performing programs in the nation, and the state of Idaho. Listed below are state and national rankings and accolades awarded by the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Colleges (NCATE), the National Council of Teacher Quality (NCTQ), and the Idaho State Department of Education, Professional Standards Committee (SDE/PSC).