Graduate Survey Results

First Year Graduate Surveys 2010 (Quantitative Results)

The following questions were put to first year teachers as a point of reflection on their professional preparation. Answers are based on the scale below.

1=very ineffective; 2=somewhat ineffective; 3=somewhat effective; 4=very effective; NA=nothing to base judgement on

I have a thorough understanding of the subject matter I am certified/endorsed to teach. 3.64
I create learning experiences that make this subject matter meaningful for students. 3.91
My teaching has a positive impact on student learning. 3.90
I understand how students learn and develop and provide opportunities that support their intellectual, social, and personal development. 3.40
I understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are adapted to students with diverse needs. 3.45
I am responsive and persistent in trying to meet the needs of all learners. 3.71
I work effectively with people from ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds different from my own. 3.79
I understand and use multiple instructional and learning strategies to engage students in active learning. 3.76
I understand how to use technology to enhance learning. 3.59
I have access to technology in my school. 3.70
I use my understanding of factors that impact student behavior to effectively manage and motivate students. 3.29
My oral communication abilities are clear and effective. 3.48
I communicate clearly and accurately in writing. 3.48
I plan and prepare effective lessons based on knowledge of subject matter and curriculum goals. 3.37
I use my awareness of my students and the communities/cultures from which they come in my teaching. 3.76
I understand, use, and interpret formal and informal assessments to evaluate student learning. 3.53
I use assessments to judge the effectiveness of my teaching. 3.61
I use an effective system for keeping track of student progress. 3.46
I use self-reflection as a means of improving my instruction. 3.51
I stay abreast of professional literature, consult with colleagues, and seek other resources to support my development as a teacher. 3.53
I establish and maintain positive working relationships with parents, which includes reporting student progress. 3.54
I believe I have a responsibility to impact education beyond my classroom. 3.70